Weight Loss

Sweating is associated with weight loss. In your typical sweat session you can burn between 800- 1,600 calories within a 60- minute time frame in the bed with a 36- hour metabolic boost that follows after. Although the water weight that you lose while sweating in the bed can be replenished, the calories your burn will not. The detoxification that follows after sweating makes it easier for your body to diminish fat that you have stored.

When your body is revealed to infrared heat, it tries to maintain a normal body temperature through thermoregulation, which causes you to sweat. Your body disperses a large amount of energy during the process and helps in burning calories.

With your body rapidly burning through calories your metabolism boosts, making you burn calories at a quicker rate after your sweat session is over.

While maintaining a healthy lifestyle and if you tend to sweat on a regular basis, with two or three days between sessions you can expect to lose one clothing size within 6-10 treatments.

Studies have shown that this can improve your digestion, sleep, metabolic and hormonal imbalances.

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During your sweating process, your body allows you to cleanse out your dermal layer impurities, from pollutants to dirt and old make up. By allowing your skin to convey a renewed blood supply and nutrients, you are allowing your skin to glow and adding elasticity.

Sweating can improve your texture, tone and clarity of your skin, slowing the aging process and reducing sun damage.

While your infrared session, your pores open which allows you to sweat out your impurities and dead skin cells, leave your skin feeling rejuvenated.

Increased blood circulation allows essential vitamins and minerals to natural refresh and revitalize the appearance of your skin.

With the increase in blood circulation, this has also been shown to relieve acne, psoriasis, eczema, scars, stretch marks and cellulite.

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While most struggle to get a deep sleep, the sweat that results from the Infrared session helps to purify the body and mind. Often we suffer from stress and tension which make it very challenging to relax and sleep, infrared initiates you to relax your muscles, removing waste and helps in calming your inner self.

After you complete your sweat session, you feel immediately reinvigorated. Sweaters who have consistent sessions have had improvements in sleep and discover waking up feeling re- energized.

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During your 60 – minute infrared sweating session, your heart obtains a similar workout to that of a ten- mile run all while detoxifying. While sweating improves your cardiovascular health and endurance, it also boots your endorphins and discharges muscle tension. The infrared heat helps in stimulating endorphin release, increases energy and healing, and soothes sore muscles from lactic acid build up.

Infrared sweating is a great way for people on the go and don’t have the time to exercise as regularly.

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The process of sweating is literally and symbolically, a process of release. By sweating, we rid ourselves of everything our body does not need. While some of the negative substances we get rid of during a sweat are physical toxins, it is also an ideal and healthy way to flush out mental toxins as well.

Sweat rituals have been used around the world for thousands of years to hone a better physical, mental and spiritual well-being and is used as a meditative aid. The body can manifest fear, tension, sadness or anger, and even create harmful chemical toxins in response to shifts in attitude.

FAR infrared encourages the body to entirely relax, while stimulating endorphins to release, which helps alleviate negative emotions and provide clarity.

Sweating is much more than just perspiring after a strenuous workout or physical activity. Sweating helps identify what matters to you, pinpoint what gets in the way of you being a better you, and eliminates it. Fears, doubts. That negative voice at the back of your mind that says you can’t do it. You can.

Sweat it away, and go live as the best version of you. 

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Here at Dripbody Bar it’s all about clearing your mind from your daily life and recharging your mind body and soul. Sweating is the perfect opportunity to relax and unwind from your daily life and stress. Infrared heat infiltrates your muscles causes them to relax, ease fatigue and stress. Thus deep muscle relaxation helps in boosting your immunity, mood and overall energy. So come into Dripbody Bar and escape your everyday life and recharge while catching up on your favorite TV show.

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In order for our bodies to function we need to detoxify and eliminate toxins that are not good for us. When you swear using infrared, you boost your body’s capability to free itself from impurities and toxic chemicals by purging from the inside out.

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pain relief

While others have used a heating pad to soothe away body pain, our infrared technology can result in immediate therapeutic assistance through the increased blood flow and tissue oxygenation.

A 2008 study has found that chronic pain patients have experienced practically a 70% decrease in pain after the first infrared therapy session.

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